Knitwear Design

Knitwear has evolved from its perception of a cottage Industry to a rapidly growing global industry for fashion apparel. Knits play a key role in casual wear, sportswear and intimate apparel. Developments in the field have also added versatility to knits in other areas of fashion previously limited to woven fabric, across the global ramp. The Knitwear Design programme at NIFT is structured with knowhow and identity close to this very exclusive area of fashion products. The four-year programme is developed towards creating a design professional who can cater to knitted apparel – an exclusive segment in fashion. It aims to provide the students with creative thinking, strong technical skills and a dynamic market orientation. The curriculum is multipronged, including diverse subjects that cover skill development, conceptualisation, technical understanding and management skills. Students apply their classroom learning to industry-simulated environments, and undertake an 8-week industry internship for flat and circular knitting to hone their skills. Their design and technical knowledge culminates with a design collection or graduation project at the end of the 8th semester.

No. of Seats: 210
Degree Bachelor of Design
Campuses: Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kannur, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi